Rev. Willis uses Isaiah 43:1-3 as his main reference to God’s promise of deliverance. Rev. Willis reviews eight names of God which show some of the delivering attributes of God. It is not enough to be called Christian, but we must believe that God can and will protect and deliver us. We have to “store up the Word in our hearts” so that when the evil tidings come, our hearts are fixed and trusting in Jesus.

God — Jireh: “The Lord will provide”
God — Rapha: “The Lord that healeth”
God — Nisi: “The Lord our victor”
God — Shalom: “The Lord our peace”
God — Raah: “The Lord our shepherd”
God — Tisdkenu: “The Lord our righteousness”
God — Shammah: “The Lord is present”
God — El Shaddi: “The Almighty”

Excerpt from Chapter I of Promise of Deliverance in Times of Trouble
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