Today is a great day to reflect on the influence of mothers, as few people in this world influence humanity more than a mother. I’m thankful each day for the prayers and encouragement I receive from my mom. I’m also grateful for her unconditional love and fortitude to pour life into me with every spoken word and unspoken glance. I am the product of her confessions of faith and many hours of prayer she spoke over my life. I know, however, not everyone can say the same about his or her own mother. Today, though, we can all take time to reflect on the influence our moms have had on our lives, whether or not your mom is still with us on this earth. Your Heavenly Father gave your specific mom to you for a specific purpose. Let’s all take today to thank Him for our moms, whether or not they were perfect, because being a mom is the toughest job on planet earth. Let’s set an example for future generations and pay tribute to our mothers by speaking life into our loved ones through prayer and encouragement. Today can be a new beginning for God to do a deeper work! Happy Mother’s Day from Fill the Gap Ministries!

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