Fill the Gap Publications is going on in its 35th year of existence.  FTG Publications. Has published 37 books by it’s sole supporting author, Dr. Elbert Willis. Dr. Elbert Willis was the Senior Pastor of the Christian Center Church in Lafayette, LA.  Dr. Willis traveled extensively teaching the full-faith message and was used by God in the gifts of healing, word of knowledge and prophecy.  His books are currently in 107 nations and all 50 states of the U.S.A.  With diverse topics that range from Character Building, Living in Health, Financial Prosperity, Successful Relationships, End Time Preparations, for the sole purpose of develop deeper spiritual life.  Fill the Gap publications has reprinted the worldwide bestseller “Conquest of the Mind.”  There are currently over 350,000 copies in circulation worldwide. Dr. Elbert Willis was one of the most acclaimed and widely read faith authors of all time. Fill the Gap Publications has launched a fully integrated electronic commerce site on the Web. This site provides on-line ordering, a fast search engine and notification of new releases, immediate confirmation, prompt delivery, and access to previously printed newsletters. Stock availability is updated daily. The company ships books throughout the U.S. and to 107 countries worldwide.

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Fill The Gap Publications currently has 66 Books in print in over 100 nations and across the United States.
20 Books have been translated in the Zambia Language in India, 32 books in Russian, and 8 in Spanish.

With your support, these books are printed and distributed yearly across the world.

We are expecting financial miracles, as we are currently in the process of printing more.  Rev. Willis left behind approximately 100 manuscripts ready for print.  100 books in a third world country touches over 1,000 people.

Please continue to pray for our ministry.

In Christ,
Rev. Randy Willis

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