Unforgiveness,  satan’s way to block and prevent spiritual growth.  Unforgiveness, a destructive sinful disease most does not understand or ignore.  It’s satan’s strategies.

And I thank God, give a little testimony I’ve given many times before, of how I thank God He helped me to get started in this in the first church I pastored.  You all still here?   Well we talking about way back in ’64, a little Baptist church I pastored.  They only had about 25 people, the one up there, and just, in a year we just about 100, and God was blessing, and we built a house next door for us to move into, and it was paid for.  The Lord just really blessed.

But you know, being like a Baptist church, a denominational church, they had a deacon board that had meetings once a month.  And one of these meetings you see, I tell you what, one of the deacons particularly he’d just stuck it to me, and you know a lot of things.  And of course I really got upset, and mad, this and that.  You following me?  I’ll never forget it, you see?

And the Lord told me I had to ask him to forgive me, are you all still here?  Because he was wrong, but two wrongs
don’t make a right.  And he ended up, he had more problems later on, and I got mad and left that church.  I mean I just walked out behind the pulpit one Sunday, and walked out of that place, and wasn’t going to go back.  The next day I was driving down my home town where I had my business, and the Lord spoke to me, said, “Go back, as them to forgive you.”

Now they were wrong, I hadn’t done nothing wrong, but still I was wrong.  Can you say amen?  See, you can’t repent of those people’s wrongs, you pray for them, all you repent of is your wrong.

I went back and asked the first deacon to forgive me. You know what he said?  Nope.  He said, “Any preacher acts like you do, ________, you’ll never preach in another Baptist church.”

So I walked out.  And that wasn’t right, can you say amen?  Be like now, be preaching tonight and I get mad about something, you know, I just get up and grab my Bible and walk out, say “good-bye.”  You all still here?

Asked the first deacon to forgive me, he said no, I said, “Well, that’s all I can do.”  Asked the second deacon to forgive me, you know what he said?  Same thing, said “no.” I’ll never forget the third deacon I went to, a little short man, and I drove up, and these other two guys, they should have been at work, it was on Monday, and both of them was at home, these two guys.  Are you following me?  You believe God
knows how to set you up?

I got to the third deacon’s house, I’ll never forget it. I pulled in the driveway, and I saw a red pickup truck there, I knew he was there.  Because see his wife had died not too long before that, and he’d already sold her car.  I’d already asked the other two guys, said, “What you all doing here today?”

They said, “We just decided to stay home.”  See, God knows what He’s doing.

This guy, he came to the door, I said, “What are you doing here today?”

He said, “I just decided to stay home.”

Asked him to forgive me, he told me, “no” and told me

the same thing the other two said.  And you know what I can remember?  He was a little short man, about 5’1″, well I can still see, I can see me grab him by the collar, lift him off the ground, and shook his false teeth out of his mouth, everything in me is what it’s going to do.  I know you all have never felt that way or anything.

So the Lord hit me not to do nothing.  I just said, “Well, okay, that’s all ____ forgive me.”

Now see, I was wrong, but they were wrong.  But I can’t repent of their wrong, I can only repent of my wrong.  Asked the third deacon to forgive me, never forget it, got in my car, drove off the property, and when I drove off that
property the peace of God hit me, like that was in 1964, peace of God hit, the first church I pastored, 1964.  And about six years God has in those church three times larger, they never let nobody go to college, or seminary, and they gave us a raise, remodeled the house I was in, and let me go to seminary.  I’d leave Monday night and come back Friday night, gone Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in seminary.

But see, the Lord told me, “You see son, you’ve got to keep your own nose clean.”  You all still here?  Everybody gets done wrong, you all still here?  So we’ve got to learn to be forgivers, because always what’s going to happen, you see?  Just happened to me.

Of course, 1972, I got filled with the Holy Ghost, the Lord spoke to me and told me to call my daddy up and tell him I love him.  See, my dad left my mom when I was 15 years of age, he left my mom for another woman.  And of course it hurt, it hurt, you know?  And of course, in later years I would see him, you know, matter of fact got in the ministry, I would see him, you know, maybe four, five, six times a year though, and I felt okay about it, no problem.

The Lord said, “Son, you call him up, ask him to forgive you.”  I wondered why the Lord told me to call him to forgive me?  You know why?  The Lord knew there was some unforgiveness in my heart.  I’ll never forget, took me a lot
of courage to do that, it took me, it took me a few weeks.  I finally got on the telephone, called him up, called daddy, and talked to him a little bit.  I said, “Daddy, I just want to tell you I love you.”  It got quiet, he just don’t know how to handle it.  He didn’t know what to say.

I said, “Okay daddy, just wanted to call you and I’ll talk to you later, then bye,” and I hung up.  I said, “Okay Lord, I did what you told me to do.”

You know what He said?  “Call him again.”  I wonder why he told me to do it again?  Because I felt so clean, and holy and pure.  Are you all still here?

Took me quite a few weeks, and I called him a second time, told him I loved him, I talked to him a little bit, and he didn’t know how to handle it.  I hung the telephone up, said, “Okay Lord, I’ve gone the second mile, I’m clear now.”

He said, “Call them again.”

I wander why God had me do that a third time?  You all

understand what I’m saying?  He was teaching me how to make sure I kept my nose clean.  I’ll never forget, I called them the third time, talked to them a little bit, said “Daddy is going to take the devil out of you.”

He got real quiet.  He said, “Well son, I’ve always loved you.”

But see we have to realize all the time brothers and sisters, we have to tear some walls down, can you say amen?
Everybody gets done wrong.  Was Jesus ever done wrong?  Lied about Him, spit on Him, beat Him, whipped him, run Him out of town, and nailed Him to the cross, what did He say?  Kill them?  Send ten thousand angels?  He said, “Forgive them.”

So see, we have to learn to be forgivers, brothers and sisters, especially these latter days living in.  Listen, you’ve had tough time, but it doesn’t compare what’s going to happen.  We know these end time days, the devil is going to make sure that more and more people do you wrong.  You get hurt more and more times, you know why?  So you get in unforgiveness with all your friends, it’s useless.

Most Christians don’t realize, the number one thing interferes with your prayers is unforgiveness.  I’m sure now, with everybody here who has never been done wrong, never been taken advantage of, raise your hand?  If you raised your hand, I’d cast that lying spirit out of you, amen?

Listen, he didn’t keep from doing to Jesus, ____ happen to you and I.  Let me say that again.  He didn’t keep them from doing to Jesus Christ, who we think we are?  But see, we’re going to have to grow, get where we can handle it, can you say amen?  We just have to face some of these things, and take a look at it, and you see to be able to do it, you see? And of course in 1980, which here, the last year that we hadthe church, and we got to 1000 people, and Brother Willie started the Family Life over here.  I brought him up to ____
withus, worked for years, in fact his daughter married our son,and him and a bunch of people in there, they got out and bought, I mean, rented a building, got everything all set up, wetook two weeks vacation and 1000 people, came back had 400. You all still here?

I came back, you know, and my son came and told me about it.  You know what the Lord spoke to me, “Dead men can’t be bitter or resentful.”  It’s okay.  I just got in the pulpit and preached, and never said nothing bad, just kept preaching, and preaching, and kept preaching.

People said, “Well don’t you, can’t you see the empty chairs out there?”

I said, “I’m not looking at empty chairs.”

Said, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at a full church,” thank God I found out

whose going to stick with me and stay with me so we can build

again.  And about four or five years we packed it out again. But you see, the devil is trying to get me in unforgiveness, you all say amen?

So see, he’s going to try to get you in unforgiveness, so he knows then it can block your prayers.  This is why we have to learn about this thing and take a fresh look at it like we never had before.  For if we don’t brothers and sisters, the devil knows who to use, because everybody in life gets done wrong, taken advantage of, at one time or
another.  Well I’m going to say, one time or another, off and on.

Now you know why so many things does you wrong so many times?  The devil knows you’re a Christian, he knows you love the Lord, he knows there’s divine potential in you, he knows God wants to use you, so he’s got to cause you to block your prayers.  He can’t block them, are you with me now?  He can fight ________, but he has to get us in unforgiveness, because it’s just part of what life we all go to.

Now I can give you many, many more testimonies, but I thank God that like I said, the first church I pastored, back in 1964 the Lord helped me to see this.  Now after that, I went through many things, I could, and I could write a book, probably 100 page book and have four or five per page of all the things we’d done during the years.  The Lord says, “Son, you go, you change, you get where you can handle it,” you all say amen?

Brothers, sisters, “Greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in the world.  You’re more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.  The Love of God is shed abroad in your heart.” Now let’s just look at a few scriptures tonight, all thisis, kind of a seed sowing night, just get you thinking about it.  Because we know these latter days, brothers and sisters, it’s going to get tougher and rougher out there. Thewrongs that have been done you in the past, will be small
compared to the future.  But I’ll tell you what though, when youget where you can handle it, the devil ain’t stupid, he won’t hit with near as many things.  See, once you get where youcan handle it, you grow to where you can handle it, he won’t hit you with near as many things.

Let’s say for example, I got free, _____, set me free from beer, whiskey, clubs, cursing and cigars.  You get free from something, you don’t try to tempt you along, he didn’t try to tempt me a lot of time with beer and whiskey.  You all know what I’m saying?  You know why he didn’t try to tempt me with it?  He knew I wasn’t going to do it, hello?  I’m sure everyone of you that got saved, He set you free from some things.  Now some of the things he does tempt you with, but some he don’t.  But the ones he don’t tempt you with again, is because he knows you ain’t going to do it.

We’ve got to get to the place where we know devil, I don’t care what you have done to me, you’re not going to get me in unforgiveness.  All you do is call me to commit suicide, now they’re wrong, they can do you do wrong, they’re wrong.  But you get unforgiveness and you’re wrong, the devil whip both of you, can you say amen?  The ones that do you wrong, he’s got them, he’s got them.  I don’t care if they’re Christians, but you see, what he’s going to do, he’s apt to get you too, you see?

Let’s just look at a few scriptures here, just do some
thinking about it tonight.  First, let’s read what God has to say about wrongs that causes unforgiveness.  Psalms 66:18, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not” what? “Not hear me,” huh?  If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord says He won’t hear me.  See, we’ve got to get hold of that scripture, because see, if you begin to know, if I regard iniquity in my heart toward anyone, the Lord ain’t going to hear me.

Then you’ll say, “You know what?  I ain’t going to do that, I will not regard iniquity in my heart for anyone.”  I don’t care how bad or wrong they do me, the devil says, “you’re lying.”

I say, “Devil, I’m lying, what tell me I’m lying?”  He likes us to lie, don’t he?  No, he only tries to attack you and stop you when he knows you’re going to learn and get free from him.  But brothers and sisters, God is going to have a end time army, raise up this things, you see?  Because about every year, maybe every year and two or three months at the most, I teach this.  The last time I taught, it’s been a long time, August the 12th of last year, I mean ’01.  I didn’t teach it this past year at all, alright?

See, if I draw iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear who?  Me.  Everybody say “never me.”  We can do how many things through Christ?  So we can not let the wrongs done to us get us.  Can you say amen?


Alright, number two, Matthew 6:14, 15, “For if ye forgive men,” on mine I put if I forgive men, women, hello women, “their trespasses, My heavenly Father will also forgive Me.  But if I forgive not men and women, those who do me wrong, their trespasses, “Neither will My Father forgive” what?  “Your trespasses,” and my trespasses, amen?  What does it say?  He says, “If you don’t forgive, I won’t forgive you.”  He says, “If you don’t forgive, you’re going to block your prayers.”

Now brothers and sisters, this, it’s a greatest need there is, because everybody goes through what I call rivers, and waters and fires, can you say amen?  Men and women, everybody does, and of course I’ll say this to you ladies now, with you it’s worse, but basically most women you’re more sensitive, you’re more tender, it’s easier to hurt you. Are you all still here?  A man, he’ll get it too, but he’ll cover his up more.  But still though, they still unforgiveness.

So let’s realize see, the Bible just filled with scriptures about unforgiveness though, but basically you see, we don’t want to face it.  We’ll excuse and justify it, why we’ve done this, because this, this, this happened to me. Well aren’t you glad, Jesus wasn’t that way?  What could He? He could have said, “Well gee Lord, I died for them, I let them beat Me, I let them whip Me, let them run Me out of
town, I’m giving My life for them, and look at, they’re rejecting Me.”  Huh?  He said, “Lord, forgive them.”

Have you heard that song, “To Be Like Jesus?”  (singing) “To be like Jesus, all I want is to be like Him.”  Well, be a forgiver then.  Did He forgive us our sins?  Hello?  He forgave us our sins too.  Well then He said, “You can do things I do.”

Alright, then Matthew 18:32 and 33, “Then his lord called him, said unto him Oh that wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt because thou desiredst me.”  This servant now, he had a big debt, he wanted his boss to forgive him, and the boss forgave him.  See he just charged the debt off and forgot about it.

He said, “Shoudest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellow servant, even as I had pith on thee?”  So what he said, “I forgave you all your debts and your bills, but here you’ve got a man that owes you ten percent of what you owed me, and you won’t forgive him.”

So what Jesus said, “I forgive you of all your sins, now you’re going to have to forgive each other.”  Can you say amen?  You’ve got to forgive your brothers, forgive your sisters, and listen, let me say this now, it’s not by your feelings, your emotions, it’s as you will.  In the meantime, if your feelings, your emotions, man, you wanted to shoot them, or wish they were dead or something, you let them get
what they deserve.  But see, it’s not by your emotions, your feelings, it’s by as your will, I choose to forgive them, because Jesus told me to.

With God how many things are possible?  How many things? Except to be forgivers, all things are possible.  Can you say amen?

Alright, Mark 11:24, 25, 26, and everybody knows Mark 11:24, about praying, but they don’t know what the scripture says before it.  “Therefore I say,” I mean afterwards. “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever you desire when you pray, believe you receive them and you shall have them.” Oh I bet everybody knows that one, but let’s look at the rest of them.

Verse 25, “And when you stand praying” do what?  “If you have ought” how many?  “Any,” why?  “That your Father also which may forgive you your trespasses.”  But see, that’s the condition of it.

Now listen, I didn’t write this thing, the flesh in anger, bitter resentment says, “No, no, no, no.”  But listen, that’s not the Holy Ghost, say amen?  That’s not God, that’s what God has in mind and prayer for us.  “Therefore I tell you what things so ever you desire when you pray, believe you receive them and you shall” what?  “Have them.  And when you stand praying,” do what?  “Forgive ought against” fifty people?  Against how man?  “Any, that your Father which is in
heaven ma forgive” who?  Yeah, forgive you your trespasses. He says, “When you stand praying, you forgive.”

So, listen, you’ll have to do a lot of forgiving.  It’s not something you do one time in your life.  You do it tonight, you got to do it again this week.  You have to do it again next week, maybe next month.  And many times, you see, the devil will come and he’ll have people take advantage of you and do you wrong, and get you in what?  Unforgiveness.

But see, what you have to do is learn this is satan’s strategy, this is satan’s snare for getting me.  Why do you think so many people do you wrong and take advantage of you? It’s satan’s strategy to get you at what?  Unforgiveness, so you will block your prayers, see?  He knows that God can answer your prayers, but he has to get you in unforgiveness, for the wrongs they’ve done you, see?  “But if you not forgive, neither your Father which is in heaven forgive” who? “Your trespasses.”  Can you say amen?

So see, their wrongs defeat us, and the way they get us, the way they do us, the way they take advantage of us, this and that, their wrongs defeat us.  If their wrongs get us in unforgiveness, it ends up defeating us.  What we doing, we’re letting the devil use somebody that’s bad defeat us.  Someone who takes advantage of you, maybe lies about you, cheats on you, does this, does that to you, and we’re letting someone bad do us, a Christian, wrong, and defeat us.  You all still
here tonight?  So you have to realize then it happens, that’s satan’s strategy.  I know at different times during the years you’ll, I thank God He had me start learning this, well what’s that 39 years now, 39 years ago, and many, many, many time, many things happen, because I know what’s going on.  I just, I just walk off, sometimes I turn around and I say “Devil, you do-do, I’d be stupid if I let you take them and get me angry.”  Get me resentful.  Can you say amen?

We can do how many things through Christ?  How many things?  All things.  “Greater is He that’s in us that he that’s in the world,” 1st John 4:4 huh?  “Greater is He, the whole Spirit of God that’s in us than he that’s in the world.”  But see, we have to learn these things, and we live on planet earth.  And brothers and sisters, we in these latter days, and we’re going to see a lot of changes this year, we’re going to quote the Lord as never before.  Now God can provide for us.

Like all the scripture I gave you this past week on prosperity, planning to prosper and get out of debt.  I tell you what brothers and sisters, God has promised to take care of us in bad times.  Hey, America can go into a depression, but listen, you believe God and you can still make it.  You all during the depression, during the depression back there in the ’30s, worst thing that happened to America, hey, many, many, many Christians believed God, and they still did good.
You all still here?  And the ones who didn’t believe Him, they paid the price.  So we’re going to let the Lord help us getting these things to stay with, can you say amen?

Alright, let’s go to number five, the fifth scripture now about this, Luke 6:36, 37, 38.  It’s amazing how Mark 11:24, 25 and 26 is about your prayers.  But listen, Luke here is about your giving, because see, the devil wants to block your financial prosperity, block your prayers.

“Be ye therefore merciful as your Father also is merciful.  Judge not, and you shall not be judged.”  You know the Bible says, “Whatsoever you sow you’ll reap.”  You always judging people, and you know what you’re doing?  You’re just setting yourself up to be judged.  You’re always critical about people, you’re just setting yourself up to be critical. You always griping, grumbling, complaining about people, then all you’re doing is setting yourself to be griping, grumbling and complained about.

Alright, verse 37, “Judge no, and you shall not be” what?  Condemn not, and you shall not be” what?  “Condemned; forgive, and you shall be” what?  “Forgiven.”

Now the next verse, everybody knows this, “Give, and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down and shaken together, and running over, shall men,” women, businesses, jobs, “give into your bosom.  For the same measure that you give mete it shall be measured or given to
you again.”  Have you ever heard that scripture?  Most of the church knows about giving to get, but they don’t know what the verse 4 says.  You all still here?

That’s why He said, “Don’t you judge, don’t you condemn, you be merciful, you forgive, because” why?  The devil knows if he can get you in unforgiveness it will block your prosperity.  And it will ______ your prayers for God to help you, spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, family, whatever it might be.  So we got to say “Lord, help us learn to be forgivers.”

I’m sure denying anybody in here never been done wrong raise your hand, and you did, I cast lying spirit out. Everybody gets done wrong, you all say amen?  That’s part of life, it’s like daylight and dark, so you know what?  We learn to live with daylight and dark, don’t we?  We learn to live hot one and cold one, don’t we?  We got to learn how to live with unforgiveness.  Learn how to live with the wrongs, and the taking advantage of that people do unto us, you see? Because that’s satan’s strategy to get us.

See, satan knows what the Bible says, he knows God says, when you stand praying if you don’t forgive, I ain’t going to be here, he knows what it says.  So what does he do?  He tries to get us in unforgiveness so we block our own prayers. Then what happens, this happens to a lot of people, and the next thing you know, they get mad at God and leave God, blame
God.  I didn’t get this because of that, I prayed to get healed, I prayed to get money, I prayed to get a better job, and God didn’t do nothing.  Just start talking to them a little bit about what they’ve been going through, and you can find out the problem for it.  You all still here?  Sure is quiet tonight.  Must be a ______ theological teaching I’m giving you all.  No, just scriptures on it, can you say amen? Alright, let’s look at number two, some keys to victory onforgiveness.  Jesus is our example at Calvary.  We already gavethat, haven’t we, huh?  Jesus is our example at Calvary, whatdid He say?  “Father,” do what?  “Forgive them.”

Now ______ you forgive people by active will.  Your feelings you may want to crush them, but you say “Father, in the Name of Jesus, as an act of my will I forgive him, I forgive her, because you told me to.”

The devil says, “You’re lying.”

Well devil, if I’m lying, why tell me I’m lying then?

He should let me just go in and lie, right?  But he knows you’re not lying, he knows that if you even have the courage to do it without any emotions about it or nothing, just do it because you know God said so.  The devil knows God’s will for you, because you just did it, why?  Just because He said so. “Father I forgive him, I forgive her of what they’ve done, what they said, how they treated me, I forgive them Lord.”

Your feelings, your emotions could not agree with all,
and I tell you what, the devil will make you think it didn’t work, why he make you think it didn’t work?  Lest it did. But see, God loves to see us make a choice, after your will, to obey the Bible, to say “I forgive them.”

The devil will come back and haunt you, “well you didn’t really forgive them, you didn’t.”

I say, “Well devil if I did, why tell me I didn’t?  If I didn’t you should just leave me alone so I can live like that.”

But see, anytime you just by choice, act of your will, say “I want to obey the Bible, I want to obey the Word of God,” God’s Word says “If I do it He’ll forgive me.”  I’m going to do it.  My feelings may want to shoot him, pray for them to die, just have a wreck or something.  But still, no, I’m not going with those feelings.  God said “If I’d forgive them, He’ll forgive me.”  So I’m forgiving them.  You all say amen?

So you have to realize that you can’t be controlled by your emotions, your feelings and this thing, because that is satan’s strategy, see?  So Jesus is our example at Calvary.

Number two, you must realize it is sin, not excusable and justifiable.  See we always excuse it and blame it.  Are you all still here?  You’ve got to realize any time you’re in unforgiveness, it’s sin.  As I said, “those people did me wrong, but I couldn’t repent of their sins.”  I can’t repent
of none of you all’s sins.  I can pray for you, I going to repent of my sins, huh?  I mean, my wife, my sons, my daughters, my daughter-in-laws, my son-in-laws, all my grandchildren, I can’t repent of them their sins.  You here? I can pray for them, that’s all I can do, I can only repent of my sins.

So you have to realize, you see, that the greater One lives inside of us, we can do it, you see?  But you must realize it’s a sin, not excusable or justifiable.  You know how we justify?  “You don’t understand how they treated me. You don’t understand what kind of trouble it caused me.  You don’t understand how wrong I’ve been done.”  That’s your excuse.  You’re justifying, to want to kill them, wish they were dead.  Are you all still here?  Am I being too theological tonight?  As quiet as you are, I must be being too theological.

But see, this is just got to be stuff where you live, can you say amen?  But brother and sisters, God’s got you here tonight so you could hear it.  You remember, I mentioned it Sunday I’d be doing this tonight.  I want to give a lot more an opportunity to come, but see the devil didn’t want them here.  Are you hearing me?  He didn’t want them to learn to face these things.  He’s got you here tonight so you can face them, and you can learn to be a forgiver, now that God will help you.  You be able to go on, and on, and on, and on,
and on.

Alright number three, the sin of unforgiveness.  It’s personal suicide, it blocks after the prayers as it violates God’s Word.  Can you say amen?  It’s personal suicide.  When you let their wrongs get to you, you get unforgiveness, that’s personal suicide, you’re killing yourself, you’re blocking your own prayers.

Now what, maybe it was wrong, but if it gets me, then I’m wrong, two wrongs don’t make a right.  Can you say amen? I’ve heard it said many time, we’ve got to learn to keep our snotty nose clean.  See, I can’t come around and clean all your snotty nose, I can only clean mine, Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me.  You all still here?

So what it is you see, you must realize now, that, that it blocks answers to our prayers, as it violates God’s Word. Can you say amen?  It violates whose words?  So just realize that any time I’m doing wrong, it gets me angry, bitter, resentful, I get in unforgiveness, then I’m wrong, it’s blocking the answers of my prayers.  Then you say, “Lord, I forgive them.”  Even though your feelings may want to do every thing else, say, “No, I’m not going to block the answer to my prayers.”

But see, we like to blame them or that.  That’s why the devil doing it.  For those sisters, God is going to get us
stronger in this, so that in the latter days we can walk in victory, have to be just like Jesus.  Can you say amen?  So they did everything to Him, and He still said “Forgive them.” We love that little song, “To be like Jesus,” amen, to be like Jesus.  Alright?

Number four there, not forgiving is like trying to drive your car by looking in the rear view mirror.  When you leave tonight and get out here, try to drive your car home looking in the rear view mirror.  I wonder if you have a bunch of wrecks, troubles?  So see, not forgiving is like trying to drive a car looking in the rear view mirror.

What He’s saying is, if you don’t forgive, you’re just blocking where you’re going.  You’re keeping the Holy Spirit from working in your life, you’re blocking God from answering your prayers, and doing a deeper work in you.  So when you just have three lives, that’s something we have to do by act of our will, not through our emotions or our feelings.  For many times the emotions and the feelings it will want to kill them, but you say, “uh huh.”  Wanting to do that to somebody that way ain’t God, that’s not Jesus, I don’t accept that.

He says, “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens.”  Can you say amen?  So we have to be walking, be forgivers.  For if we don’t, you see, we end up defeating ourselves.

Let me tell you something, the biggest part of all
Christians who fall away, you know what it is?  Unforgiveness you all still here tonight?  Unforgiveness.  Everybody gets done wrong, one time only though.  I got one lady shook her head, right?  It happens many times.  Why does it happen to us so much?  That’s satan’s strategy to defeat us, get us in unforgiveness, because he knows God loves us, and God wants to bless us.  It’s satan’s strategy.

So you begin to realize that’s satan’s strategy.  Why does he want to do all that?  Have all this wrong done to me? Get me in unforgiveness, so it blocks my prayers, because he hates me.  But “Greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world.  We can do all things through Jesus Christ that strengthens us.”  Can you say amen?

So, not forgiving is like trying to drive your car looking in the rear view mirror.

Number five, the power of sin of unforgiveness is canceled over me by a greater power, the Holy Spirit, as I obey God’s Word.  Can you say amen?  So the power of sin is canceled over me to obey God’s Word.  Simply this.

Sometimes you get done wrong, you get angry, get resentful, get bitter, get discouraged, you’re disillusioned, you cancel that power over you.  Father, in the name of Jesus by an act of my will I forgive him, I forgive her.  Your feelings, your emotions may want to shoot them, but said, “No, I’m not going to be controlled by my feelings and my
emotions, I’m controlled by what God said.  God said if I would forgive them, He will forgive me.  Can you say amen? And we can do how many things through Christ Jesus?  All things.  First John 4, “For greater is He that’s in us,” what?  “Than satan in the world.”   We’re more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, Romans 8:37, we can overcome it, we can do it.

Now listen now, does a baby grow up overnight?  See, and you’re hearing this tonight, but let me tell you something, you’re going to have some battles, it will take, it will take a time, it will take awhile.  Are you still here?  While the devil, he knows what you’re hearing, know what you’re saying, he going to test you.  He’s going to have them stick it to you.  You all still here?  Stick it to you, stick it to you. Why?  Because he knows God loves you, and God has a purpose and plan for your life, and God wants to bless you.

How can he stop it?  He’s got to have the wrongs people do you, get you in unforgiveness, and it blocks your prayers. See, he knows that.  See that devil knows what the scripture says, he knows God will bless us, and help us, and strengthen us, but he knows that if he can get us in unforgiveness, you can’t do it.

But see, the devil let you go by your emotions and your feelings, no way, I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to do that.  “Greater is He that is in me than he that’s in the
world,” the Holy Spirit of God said I can do it, praise God? Okay.  Got three scriptures here as we close out.  First John 1:9, “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from” how much unrighteousness? Even unforgiveness?  “If we confess,” if we acknowledge it, if we admit it.

Now sometimes it will be hard to acknowledge and admit it, because a lot of times you want to excuse it, “well, you know, but you don’t understand how they treated me, how they did me, how they took advantage of me, what’s happened to me.”  It will get you.

And let me tell you something brothers and sisters, as we get near the latter days, I don’t know if it’s going to be this year or next year or when, as the economy gets bad, many, many, many people are going to lose jobs, and they are going to be bitter and resentful about it.  Are you all still here?

Hey listen now, some of you could, but let me tell you something.  You start believing God is going to bless you and keep you working, keep you a job, amen?  You know what to do? He’ll get them to bump you out, and get you in unforgiveness, get you feeling bad about it.  Hey, they wrong, but two wrongs don’t make a right, can you say amen?

Like Brother Steve, he’s sitting down there, I walked down there and slapped him upside the head, I’d be wrong.  If
he got up and slapped me, he’s wrong, the devil got both of us.  The devil had them do you wrong, then you go back and do wrong, and guess what the devil, he says, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, look at them, got them controlled with unforgiveness.”

So if we do what, do what to our sin?  “Confess them,” don’t excuse or justify them, just be honest.  Whenever someone does you wrong, it gets you, just put your finger right here, say, “Lord, you know how I feel about them, you know what my thoughts are about, what my feelings are about them, Lord, forgive me.  They wrong, but if I let their wrong control me, then I’m wrong.  Are you all hearing me?  Let me say it to you again.  They wrong, but if their wrong controls me, and gets me angry with them, then I’m wrong.  The devil has whipped both of us.  He’ll use them to get you.

What’s the number one thing to use on you?  People. I’ve taught, people and problems.  You all just be in prayer, I’m getting two books being printed now, one of them is going to be The Length of Longsuffering for People, and The Powerÿof Patience for Problems.  We’re going to have to learn how to be longsuffering with humanity.  Our brothers and sisters in the Lord, family friends, everybody, we’ve got to learn to be longsuffering.  That’s why God gives us grace and longsuffering.  That’s why I confess everyday I’m a Christian, love, joy and peace, longsuffering.

And you say, “Long, long, long, long, long, long, long,
long, long, long, long, long suffering.  Are you all still here?  Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, and gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance, but we’re going to have to be longsuffering because of what?  The wrongs that people do.

Listen, God didn’t stop them from doing Jesus Christ wrong, who do you think you are?  You’re in a war zone. Satan hates you because he knows you’re chosen of God, you’re elected of God, God has a divine plan for you.  Try to get us in unforgiveness so he can block our prayers, you see?

Alright, Romans 8:37, “Nay, in” how many things?  “All these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loves us.”  Not by ourselves, we’re more than conquerors through Him that loved us.  Who loved us?  Jesus Christ. See, we can conquer and overcome through Jesus Christ, through the power of the flesh and stuff you can’t, but realize I’m more than a conqueror, through Him, through His redemptive work, I can do it.  In fact I’m more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.

That means we can conquer and take care of all of it. I’ll tell you what, as you begin to learn this brother and sister, and begin to get hold of it, and handle it better, I tell you what, you’ll have less wrongs done, you know why? The devil knows he can’t get you.  He’ll come ever now and then to test you, pull something on you, have you tried this,
it don’t work.  Hmmm, then he try and pull another little deal, someone do something else, hello?  Then someone will do something else, and someone do something.  What you doing? He’s testing you, trying to find out what area he might have people do to get you.  You all still here?

He’s just testing, he’s testing you, if they ever do you wrong here, if it don’t get you, then wrong here, and wrong, he try to find your weak spot.  But you’ve got to say, “Hey greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world.  I’m more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.  The love of God is shed abroad in my heart.  Nay in all these things we’re more than conquerors.”  Say, “Nay in all things, in unforgiveness, I’m more than a conqueror through Him that loved me.”

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do” how many things? Except forgive the wrongs I’ve been doing.  Except forgive where they lied and the way they treated me, the way they took advantage of me, the way they cheated on me, the way they did me dirty.  What did they do to Jesus?  And He said what?  “Forgive them.”

Why is that in the Bible?  It’s in the Bible, God is speaking to us, saying, “Children you’re down on planet earth in a war zone, satan knows you’re chosen of God, and called of God, and God has a plan for you.”  He knows God wants to answer your prayers, and bless you, and use you.  He’s got to
fight you.

Now he’s a spiritual being himself, so how is he going to fight you?  He’ll fight you with thoughts and everything, you know how he’s going to fight you?  Having people come against you and problems come against you?  People get you on unforgiveness, problems get you discouraged and disillusioned, so you give up and quit.  Because as long as you’re down here, you’ve got to live.  What’s two things you’ve got to live with?  Everybody say it, people and problems.  You have to live with what?  People and problems.

So we’ve got to live with them, we’ve got to learn how to handle it.  As long as you’re down here, you’ve got to live.  Say, the state of Louisiana, as long as you stay you’ve got to live with hot weather and cold weather.  I don’t care how much you like it, you ain’t got nothing to do with that.  You know what you better do?  Gets cold, put your coat on.  Gets hot, take it off, amen?  You’ve got to learn to live with it, don’t you?

I don’t care whether you like it or not, daylight or dark, you’ve got to learn to live with it.  When it gets dark, you’ve got to turn the lights on.  It gets daylight, you can cut them off, but you’ve got to learn to live with them, got to learn how to handle it.

That’s the same thing, brothers and sisters, with the wrongs that people do us in unforgiveness, and satan is
always out there to get you, can you say amen?  “I can do” how many things through Christ?  “All things.”  Listen to me, He’s mighty enough to save us, isn’t He?  You all believe He’s mighty enough to race in the ______ and take us to heaven?  Well if He’s got mighty, you reckon He could help us be forgivers?

Let me say it again.  He’s mighty enough to save us, He was mighty enough to raise Jesus from the grave, He’s mighty enough to take us to heaven, so He is mighty enough to help us live in victory down here on planet earth in the midst of all of it.  And one thing we’re going to have to learn how to do is be what?  Be what?

Say, “I confess I’m a forgiver, not by might and power of the flesh, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, I’m a forgiver, I’m going to refuse to get in unforgiveness, I’m going to refuse it, resist it, and fight it, it’s always to hurt me, never to help me, so I’m going to resist it.  I’m going to grow, I’m going to learn how to handle it.”  Amen.

You agree with that?  Amen.  Well you want to be where you don’t have to fool with unforgiveness?  Nobody ever do you wrong?  Get up on your feet then, get up on your feet, and I’ll tell you what to do.  I have one lady she goes, okay, you all go and get on your feet now, everybody get on your feet now, then I’ll tell you what to do.  That’s right. He said, “Put your hand on your heart, say, Lord take me to
heaven.”  Because as long as you’re on planet earth, you have to live with people and problems, can you say amen?  So whose got to change?  We do, we got to change.

We can do how many things through Christ?  How many things, except forgive all wrongs been done to us.  How many things?  How many things?  Lord, hurt them, watch them ____ _____.  You see, the devil is going to hit at you church, you know why, he loves you.  He knows there is divine potential possibility in you, he knows you’re praying for God to do goo, and you’re praying for salvation of your family and your friends, you’re praying for healing and health, you’re praying for prosperity, and you’re praying for things so you can do more for the kingdom of God.  The devil knows that.

So what you got to do?  He got to try and stop you, and the main thing he’s going to use on you is people, try to get you in unforgiveness, so he can block your prayers.  But no more, can you say amen?  We’re going to get in there and hold in there, and hold in there, and hold in there, and hold in there, and hold in there.

Well I’ll tell you what brothers and sisters, God’s got you here tonight by divine plan, so you can get a hold of this, and listen to me, the reason you need to learn this, and walk in it, like I said, you’re going to mess up some time, you do, just say “Lord forgive me, I let it get me, but I’m going to keep a going in that.”


Because see, as you get stronger in this brothers and sisters, you’ll be a better witness to others.  Because see, some people will hear about something you’ve gone through, what’s happened to you, how someone has done you, or this or that, they’ll hear about it, and you’ll still just be going on with Jesus.  They say, “I heard that someone did this to you, or this happened to you, or this happened to you, or this happened to you, this happened to you, this happened to you, this happened to you.”

You say, “Yeah.”

“Boy, I mean, look at you, I mean, don’t you know what’s happened to you?”

“Oh yes I do.”

They said, but you say, “But Jesus is the answer.”  See

the devil don’t want you to be a witness to them, brothers and sisters, he wants you to be like them, as they go through all the things with people, all the problems you’re going through.  I tell you, we’re not like them no more, can you say amen?  We’re heirs with God, joint heirs with Jesus Christ, and greater is He that’s in us than he that’s in the world.  Can you say amen?

Say, “I’m an heir of God, I’m a joint heir with Jesus Christ, greater is He that’s in me than satan that’s in the world.  I’m more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus, I can do all things, all things, all things through Jesus Christ, a
greater one lives inside of me, I am a forgiver, I am a forgiver, I am a forgiver.  Hear me devil, do what you want to do, I am a forgiver.  I ain’t going to let you cause me to be an unforgiver, because I’m a forgiver.”  Amen?

“Father, I thank you tonight for your Word Lord, just help us get this deep down our hearts.  See Lord you’re building the end time army of men and women Lord, that’s going to go through rivers, waters, and fires, they going to go through them, and walk in victory through them, and this walk in victory through these kind of things will be a testimony, and a witness to others.”

It will make them wonder how can she be that way, or he be that way with what’s happening to them, what’s been done to them.  And the Holy Spirit can use that testimony to convict them.  Maybe He’ll have you say something to them or not, He’ll just convict them Himself, because they’ll find out, she’s a Christian, he’s a Christian, and the Holy Spirit will say, “That’s right, that’s why they didn’t let the wrongs get them, they’re Christians.”

Would you like to be a Christian too?  You can have Jesus as your Savior too.  And brothers and sisters, He can use your life, and make it a witness, and many, many, many of them out there, they’re wounded, hurt, searching and seeking for answers.  We’ve got the answer for them, His Name is Jesus Christ, can you say amen?  Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen.  Well, you all want to join my Willis International Forgivers club?  Hello?  I’ve never had, this is the first night I’ve ever came up with that one, now as I teach a lot of place, I’ll have people join my Willis International Forgivers Club.  Can you say amen?  We’re going to forgive, and forgive, and forgive, and forgive, and forgive, and forgive, and forgive.  If you don’t forgive, what you going to be?  You’re going to be angry, and angry, and angry, and bitter, and bitter, and bitter, and resentful, and hurt, and hurt, and hurt, and mad, and mad, and mad.

Well, you choose.  We’ve chosen how to be forgivers. Can you say amen?  Well praise God.  Listen, shake two or three hands before you go, and we’ll spend eternity with each other, can you say amen?  Praise God.  You want me to pray for anything, I’m here at the front, be glad to pray with you…..


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