Being Fully Persuaded





by Dr. Elbert Willis





I. Correct Basis
II. Becoming Spiritually Educated
III. Maturing in Faith’s Operation
IV. Refusing to Doubt
V. The Outcome of Being Fully Persuaded


Being Fully Persuaded





Any time you move with God for a miracle you must be fully persuaded. Not partially. Not off and on. But you must be fully persuaded. We are going to see how Abraham became fully persuaded at 100 years of age to believe God.

The word “being” means to be full of a thing. It is a verb of existence. It means you must have an inner knowledge and an inner knowing that what God says in His Word is true. It is not good enough just to be able to quote it with your mouth or with your head. You must be full of it. You must have an inward certainty that what God’s Word says is true. It must be a knowledge existing in you that God’s Word is true.

I will give you an example. We have a brother here at the Center who has had a couple of heart attacks. We were talking one day, and he said he had come to the place where the Word was rolling inside him, and he was about ready to put all his medicine aside. He knew he had to have an action. I told him that that was the way to get it, but only he would know when it would be time to throw those nitro-glycerin tablets away. Because if he was not fully persuaded and did not have God’s Word in him, the devil would kill him. I told him to take the Word and stay with it, and that there would come a time when he would get God’s Word in him so strongly that he would start to take one of those tablets and he would no more be able to take that than he would poison.

We have another brother that walked out of a heart attack. They sent him home to die. But he just got rid of everything and stood on the Word of God because he was fully persuaded that God could do what He said He could do.

Another brother here had cancer in his hip and they were getting ready to pinch that hip joint off. But he became fully persuaded that God was able to take care of that hip joint, and he acted upon it; and, praise God, he has been back at work for a year and a half now.

I could go on and on about people who have become fully persuaded. But I told that brother with heart trouble to just keep feeding on the Word. I said, “Keep feeding on the Word. One of these days that Word will get so deep inside you that you will not be able to take that medicine. Your mind, your emotions, and everything about you will tell you to take that pill — tell you that if you do not, you are going to die. But something inside you will say you will live.”

We know God is able and we know God will, but you and I have to be willing to stand upon it for it to happen. When the Word begins to work in us it will produce a condition of knowing that we are fully persuaded. If you do not know for sure, stay in the Word a while longer. But there will come a time when you will have to act upon it.

I recommend that you reach out in some area where if you do not make it you can get back into the Word of God. If you will learn the little things now, when the tough ones come you will have the faith to move into them.

If you cannot get the little things by faith, you will never get the big things by faith. If you cannot believe Him for $50, then you cannot get the $5,000 when you need it. Start learning with the little things. Start getting the toe aches and headaches healed. Then you can believe Him for the big things.

I started off praying for people with toe aches and headaches and ear aches and things like that, and most of them did not even get healed. But I just kept on, and praise God, I have seen cataracts fall off, eyes opened, and ears unstopped. I have seen them get out of wheelchairs. But I kept on in the Word until I was fully persuaded that I had authority over the devil and all the demons of Hell.

God wants every Christian to be fully persuaded. This is a condition that is produced inside of you that you know God’s Word is true. Let us look at Abraham. He was so fully persuaded that God was going to do what He said He would do that he offered his son Isaac upon the altar. He did not even have to see a son alive to believe that God was going to do what He said He would do. That is faith. That is end-time faith. That is where God is going to take all of His people today.

When my son Randy had a motorcycle wreck, and I came out of my car and there he was, with his eyes rolling back in his head and his shoulder out of socket, it was too late for me to start hoping I had faith. That was not the time for me to start getting myself all pepped up. I had to be fully persuaded that when I put my hands upon him, God was going to do something.

I was fully persuaded. I commanded Satan to loose him in the name of Jesus. When I got my son up from there and said, “Son, let’s go home,” I had to be fully persuaded that God was going to do something about it. If I was not, I was gambling.

With God you do not have to gamble, if you will stay in the Word and learn it. There is no gamble in faith. It is a cinch. The most cinch deal in the world is believing God. The only guaranteed deal with no odds of missing is when you learn how to believe God. God is not a man, that He can lie. It only takes one lie to make a liar. If He lied one time He is a liar, and liars cannot get to Heaven. But praise God, it is all true and we can stand on it.

Let us look at the first condition that came to exist in Abraham’s life.


Chapter I


Correct Basis



He said, “I am going to establish my covenant with you and through the seed of Isaac I am going to multiply and cover the world.” Abraham had God’s spoken Word that God was going to take Isaac and through Isaac scatter his generation all over the world. Abraham had God’s Word that God was going to use Isaac.

Abraham said, “Well, let’s see now. I have God’s Word. God spoke. God said that He is going to through Isaac bless all the nations of the world. And now God tells me to put him upon the altar and kill him. I know God’s not a man that He can lie.”


Abraham believed these things about God even though they had not been spoken yet. He said, “God said He was going to take Isaac and multiply his seed. Now God tells me to kill him.”

Paul tells us in Hebrews that Abraham thought God would raise him up. So you see, when Abraham went to kill Isaac, he told the men that he left down at the bottom of the mountain, “Isaac and I will be back.” He could say that because God had spoken. God had said, “Abraham, I am going to bless many generations through your seed Isaac.” Abraham could go and put his son upon the altar because God had spoken.

This was a man who had learned to walk by faith and not by senses. This was a man who believed the Word of God.

Abraham already had God’s Word that He was going to take care of him. You and I have God’s Word today that He will hasten to perform His Word. The Bible is His spoken Word today.

“ACCORDING TO THAT WHICH WAS SPOKEN.” What has God spoken to you and I today? Matthew 8:17 says, “HIMSELF TOOK OUR INFIRMITIES AND BARE OUR SICKNESSES.” Psalms 103:3 says, “WHO FORGIVETH ALL THINE INIQUITIES: WHO HEALETH ALL THY DISEASES.” This is the spoken Word of God to you and I today. God spoke this Word to the men of God many years ago, but it is still true. It is still reality. It is still echoing down through the pages of time. You and I can take the Word of God and become fully persuaded that it is true, and stand on it, and get the exact miracle that anyone else ever has. God’s Word never changes. It is still in existence.

Mark 16:18 says, “BELIEVERS SHALL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK AND THEY SHALL RECOVER.” When you and I believe what God has spoken in Mark 16:18, then people can lay their hands upon us and we will be healed.

“Brother Willis, why does He say if people lay their hands upon them they will be healed?” Because to the natural mind that is utterly ridiculous. The carnal, fleshly Christian says, “Oh, I cannot believe that.” But it is according to the Word of God. If God lied in Mark 16:18, then He is a liar. If people will not be healed when believers lay their hands on them, then God has lied. If He lied about that He may have lied about Heaven.

I believe it is according to that which was spoken. I believe Heaven is there, and I believe that when we lay hands upon people Jesus will heal them. I believe it, because God said so.

Mark 11:24 says, “WHAT SOEVER YE DESIRE, WHEN YE PRAY, BELIEVE THAT YE RECEIVE THEM, AND YE SHALL HAVE THEM.” He will hasten today to perform Mark 11:24, because Mark 11:24 is His Word. He says, “SO SHALL MY WORD BE THAT GOETH FORTH OUT OF MY MOUTH IT SHALL NOT RETURN TO ME VOID.” I do not believe Mark 11:24 shall return unto God void when I exercise faith in it. I do not believe Mark 16:18 shall return to God void when I exercise faith in it. I do not believe Matthew 8:18 shall return to God void.

Believe that God is able to perform anything He has spoken. That is what it says in Romans 4:21. “AND BEING FULLY PERSUADED, THAT, WHAT HE HAD PROMISED, HE WAS ABLE ALSO TO PERFORM.” Abraham said, “I believe what God has spoken, He is able to perform.” Today God says for you and I to believe that what He has spoken, He is able to perform.

Believe what He has spoken in Mark 16:18 and Mark 11:24. Believe what He has spoken in John 10:10, “I COME THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY.” Believe what He has spoken in I John 4:4 — “HE THAT IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD.” Believe what He has spoken in Luke 6:38, where He says, “GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU MEASURED, PRESSED DOWN, AND SHAKEN TOGETHER AND RUNNING OVER SHALL MEN GIVE INTO YOUR BOSOM.”

That is the basis of being fully persuaded. Just believing that God will do what He says. There are not any “but’s” or “suppose’s.” Somebody has to be wrong if it does not work, and it is not God. Who is wrong? We are.

How did Abraham come to the place where he was fully persuaded? First of all, he had a correct basis. He believed what God said was true, and that God was able to perform it. If you need a healing, base it upon the Word of God that Jesus bore your sicknesses and your infirmities. Then you have a foundation that you can get upon and stand upon, and all Hell will pass away before that Word will pass away. If you have any kind of need, get upon the spoken Word. It matters not what that need is if you will base it according to the spoken Word of God.


Chapter II


Becoming Spiritually Educated


The world is filled today with natural-minded, carnal, fleshly, worldly, earthly, sensual, educated people. Our churches today are filled with people who are educated intellectually, socially, and with theology. But God wants us to be educated spiritually. The spiritual truths of God and the natural truths of man do not walk the same way. There are spiritual truths and there are natural truths, and the spiritual truths supercede the natural truths.

If the spiritual truths do not supercede the natural truths, then how are you going to get out of the grave? It is a natural truth you will die. Or if you do not die, you will be caught up. That means there has to be a law that will supercede the law of gravity and change this old body and take it to be with Jesus. Spiritual laws are greater. Either we will come from the grave or we will be caught up where we are, and as far as I am concerned, I do not intend to die. I am going to be caught up.

How was Abraham spiritually educated? Romans 4:19 says, “HE CONSIDERED NOT HIS OWN BODY.” What do people consider most of all today? Their bodies. The Word says, “You are healed,” but your body says, “You are sick.” Abraham was spiritually educated. He did not consider his body.

What do most people consider today about money? They consider their billfolds or their checking accounts. The Word says He provided all your needs. If you are not spiritually educated, you are going to be going by your billfold or your checking account. But if you are spiritually educated, you are going to go by the Word of God, and the Word of God will make your billfold and checking account line up with the Word of God. God’s Word is the greatest truth.

“HE CONSIDERED NOT HIS OWN BODY NOW DEAD…NEITHER THE DEADNESS OF SARAH’S WOMB.” There are two worlds. I was born of Elbert Willis and Bernice Willis. I had the natural birth and I came into this world. But glory hallelujah, there was a time when the Spirit of God touched my spirit and I was born into the spirit world. I had two births. I have two dads. I love my earthly father. He has done a lot for me, but he cannot do for me what my heavenly Father can. My earthly dad got me into this world, and my heavenly Dad got me into the spiritual world. I have two sets of attributes. From Elbert Willis, my natural dad, and from God, my heavenly Dad.

The Word “considered” means “he took account of.” He carefully beheld. He perceived clearly. He understood fully that he could not produce life. He knew that his body could not produce life. He knew that Sarah had passed the age of reproduction. He perceived it clearly. That is what “considered” means. He took account of it and recognized it. He knew in his mind that he could not and she could not. He carefully looked at it. He understood fully that according to the laws of man they were past the time of producing life. But Abraham knew he was not going to be limited just to the law of the body or to the natural law of man. He knew God had laws that superceded the natural laws.

He denied, he rejected, and renounced it for the truth of God’s Word. He literally denounced that his body could not bring forth life. He said, “I know that in the natural my body cannot bring forth life; but God said it would, so I have a choice. I can either believe my body, or believe God.”

I am sure that if they had had doctors in that day, and if they had examined him they would have said, “Well, Abraham. There is just no way, boy. Go adopt you one. That is the only way you will get one.”

But Abraham said, “I believe God.” That is spiritual sense. To the world that is stupidity. But I am not interested in the world. I am interested in the opinion of God. And when we take the Word of God, and stand upon the Word of God, and obey the Word of God, then it will override all the natural laws of man, and all the natural laws of the world and the power of God will be injected into our lives.

You may be sick right now. You have a choice. Consider your body and be sick, or consider the Word and get healed. It’s a battle. You’re just like Abraham. You’ve taken account of your body. You perceive clearly that there is pain in your body, or whatever your situation might be. If it be mental, you perceive the confused, frustrated condition you are in. If it is a financial need, you perceive it. You can figure. You can add. But that is where you come to the parting of the way. That is where you have to say, “Well, I know what my body says. I know what my billfold says. I know what my circumstances and my situation say, but over here I have somebody that says something else. His name is God.”

Abraham did not consider his own body. The world considers its body, not the Word. You start telling people that Jesus heals today like He did a long time ago and they just say, “Oh, no. If He did, He would heal me.” Well, He will. If you learn how to believe Him and move in it.

How did Abraham consider not his own body? Hebrews 12:2 says, LOOKING UNTO JESUS.” Looking to the Word. He looked not to his senses or feelings, but to Jesus. He looked to the Word of God. God said, “Abraham, I am going to give you a boy.” He perceived it clearly, he understood it, and he looked at it with his mind and said, “No way. But I believe God.”

And don’t you know that the people in that day and time thought Abraham was stupid? Just as people think we are crazy today. I know they think I am crazy, but that is all right. I am enjoying myself. If this is crazy, drive me crazier.

Romans 8:6 says, “FOR TO BE CARNALLY [Sense] MINDED IS DEATH BUT TO BE SPIRITUALLY MINDED IS LIFE AND PEACE.” What is it to be spiritually-minded? It is to believe the Word of God above everything. It is to believe God’s Word above your body. It is to believe God’s Word above your billfold. It is to believe God’s Word above your problem. To be spiritually-minded is to believe God’s Word above everything you know to be true according to worldly standards. Because the Bible is a spiritual book. It came from a spiritual man. All the other books we have — psychological, philosophical, historical, and medical — all come from man. They are earthly books. Sensual books. But the Bible comes from God. It is not earthly and sensual. It is not like the laws of man. It is higher than the laws of man when it finds a man or woman who will believe it. But until you get spiritually educated you cannot do it.

When the pain is hitting your body, everything in you wants to say, “I’m sick.” But there is a man inside you who says, “Say you’re healed.” The outside man says, “Say you are sick.” The man inside, that born again spirit inside, “Christ in you, the hope of glory,” says you are healed.

Your billfold says you are flat, but the man inside says you are rich. Your circumstances say it’s tough and it’s rough. But the man inside says you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. You have to make up your mind who you are going to believe: the man inside or the man outside.

How did Abraham get to the place where he was fully persuaded? First of all, he had a proper basis — the Word of God. Second, he was spiritually educated. He came to the place where he believed God above his body.

Now suppose he had not believed God’s Word above his body. Suppose he had believed his body. What do you think he would have received? Nothing, because that is not faith. But because this man was willing to believe the Word of God above his senses, God gave him a son.


Chapter III


Maturing in Faith’s Operation


Romans 4:19 says, “BEING NOT WEAK IN FAITH.” This implies that some are. It is not that they do not have the faith, but they are not yet spiritually educated. Every Christian has the same measure of faith. The only difference is that some know how to use it and some do not. Some have been spiritually trained and some have not. It also implies that once Abraham was weak in faith, but he matured. He had developed steadily through the years.

Hebrews 11:6 says, “HE IS THE REWARDER OF THOSE WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM.” He rewards that man or woman who stays with the Word of God. When I started 12 years ago, it was like the deacon told me at the first Baptist church that I pastored. He said, “Brother Willis, you didn’t lie to us. You don’t know much about the Bible, do you?”

I would get up there and open that Bible upside down. I would turn that thing around and have to go to the index to find my book.

I said, “No, I don’t know much about it, but I know what Jesus has done for me. And I’m a debtor to Him.”

I started at Louisiana College, and they started showing me the errors in the Bible. I went on down to the New Orleans Baptist Seminary, and they started showing me all the problems in the Bible. They run the preachers out of these seminaries filled with unbelief, but they won’t dare go preach it to the people. They won’t dare go preach that the Bible is full of errors. A lot of them believe it, but they won’t preach it.

I just said, “I don’t know how it fits together. I can see that it looks like it contradicts. But I just don’t believe it does.”

They would say, “Look right here. Here’s what the Greek says. It just doesn’t fit.”

And I said, “I know it looks like it, but somehow or other I just believe it fits.”

They just looked at me and shook their heads. “Poor old Brother Willis.” I wasn’t too intellectual. I did not have bright hopes.

Hebrews 11:6 says, “HE IS THE REWARDER OF THOSE WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM.” I found Philippians 4:19 nearly 13 years ago. I had been in trouble, faced 60 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. I had lost my home and car, and was driving a ‘51 Chevrolet and living in a two-room house with no bathroom and no hot water. But I found Philippians 4:19 and I found Hebrews 11:6.

Philippians 4:19 told me God would supply all my needs. I did not know how, but I just said, “God, You said it, and I believe it.” And I would go and just preach my heart out with the two or three sermons that I had.

I would say, “God, You said You would supply my needs, and I believe it. God, You said You would reward those that diligently seek you.” So I would just stay with that Bible. It would be nine, ten, or eleven o’clock at night, and I would get tired and sleepy. And I would get up and go outside the house and run. And I would run, run, run, until I would get wide awake, and I would come back in there and say, “God, You said You would reward those who diligently seek you.” And I would get with it some more. I would go another hour or two and put water on my face. I have even stood on my head. That will wake you up, praise God. I did not know what I was doing then, but I was diligently seeking God in the way that I knew.

I was pastoring, going to college, and trying to work, with a wife and four kids. We didn’t have anything. I would say, “God, You said You would provide my needs. You said it.” Many times I would just run in place until I would wake up and get back down in the Word. I was being diligent, and it paid off.

Abraham was diligent. He developed steadily through the years. He didn’t start out that way. He didn’t start out at the place where he could put his son upon the altar, but he stayed with God. I’m sure everybody said, “Abraham, you’re crazy.” But Abraham said, “God told me He would give me a boy.” Just imagine a 99-year-old man saying, “God said I was going to have a son.” Can’t you see the people? He had over 300 servants, and I’m sure they did not laugh in his face, but I imagine they slipped behind his back.

Here was a man who packed up everything and left a city. He left everything behind. I’m a guy that God has blessed because I left everything. Left my church. Left the parsonage, my salary, left everything the convention offered. Everything the world offered, just because God said, “I’m giving you the privilege of living by faith.” I came up to Lafayette and rented a building. We had big crowds of fifteen, seven of them family, but I believed God. I believed Him, and I still believe Him, and I always will believe Him. You can do what you want to, but as for me and mine, we are going to believe God and stand upon the Word. And we are going to preach it and teach it, and it is going to produce exactly what God said it would produce.

Do you want God to bless you? Do you want God to call you to do great things? Get to the place where you will consider neither your body nor your financial situation. Consider only the Word of God. He will speak to you.

Philip believed Him, and right in the middle of a great revival, with people being healed and miracles taking place, God said, “Philip, go down to the desert.” How did that match up with the senses? How do you think his mind computed that? Most people would not have gone. It would not make sense. God does not make natural sense. He makes spiritual sense. He is not a human being. He is a spiritual being.

But Philip left a great revival, and went down to the desert, and God spoke to him. And along came a black man. God spoke to Philip and said, “Go get him.”

He got up there in the wagon with him and talked to him, and the eunuch said, “Can’t I be baptized?”

Philip said, “Sure.” All at once there was some water. How did that water get there? The theologians say that is an error in the Scriptures. They were in the middle of the desert, so there couldn’t have been any water there. They do not know God. He could put an ocean on top of a mountain if He wanted to.


Chapter IV


Refusing to Doubt


Abraham just refused to doubt. Romans 4:20 says, “HE STAGGERED NOT AT THE PROMISE OF GOD THROUGH UNBELIEF.” This word “staggered” means he did not vacillate. He was not knocked about by his senses or by the way he felt.

I am sure the world said, “Abraham, you’re stupid. You’re ridiculous. It’s impossible. It can’t happen.” He didn’t have a division of opinion. He looked at his body and said, “I know my body can’t bring forth life, but I know God can. I would rather doubt my body than doubt God.”

He would not submit to questions. He would not submit to suppositions. He would not submit to possibilities. He just staggered not at the Word of God. When you start believing God for something, you can be assured that there are going to be questions. Who is going to bring the questions? The devil. Who is going to bring the suppositions? “But suppose this and suppose that.” God does not give you His Word and then send questions and suppositions along. There are not any “what if’s.” If you are still in the “what if’s,” it is not faith yet. You are not fully persuaded. Back up and get in the Word some more.

James 1:6-7 says you cannot be double-minded. So you must refuse to doubt. The doubt might come, but you can refuse to accept it and to dwell upon it. You cannot stop the birds from flying over your head, but you can stop them from making a nest. You cannot stop the devil from injecting doubt, but you can cut off the thinking about it.


Chapter V


The Outcome of Being Fully Persuaded


“HE WAS STRONG IN FAITH, GIVING GLORY TO GOD.” How did he give glory to God? By being strong in faith. Who do the weak in faith give glory to? Who are you giving glory to? Are you staggering at the promises of God? Are you considering your body and the pain above God? Are you considering your problems or your circumstances, and believing that God cannot handle them? Are you staggering that God cannot work it out?

Jesus says in John 10:10, “I COME THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY.” The world says, “No. Yo have to be up and down, hot and cold.”


How do you give glory to God? By having exactly what the world says you cannot have. If the devil says you cannot be well, get your health. If the devil says you cannot be prosperous, get prosperity.

Give glory to God by walking right over the devil and walking in victory, because Jesus defeated him at Calvary. Give glory to God by living the abundant life. Give glory to God by giving, and it shall be given to you.

The Bible says, “LOVE ALL.” The world says, “No, only those who do you right.” The Bible says, “WORRY NOT.” The world says, “Impossible.”

How about turning the cheek? The Bible says that if a guy hits you on one cheek, you are to turn the other cheek. The world says, “Hit him before he hits you.”

The Bible says, “COUNT IT ALL JOY.” Do you want to give glory to God? Turn your cheek. Do you want to give glory to God? Stop worrying. Do you want to give glory to God? Give and it shall be given. Do you want to give glory to God? Count it all joy.

In Romans 5:5 it says, “WE GLORY IN TRIBULATIONS.” Most people say, “I’m not going to glory in my troubles and problems.” That is why they do not get out of them. That is why they have so many and stay in them so long.

The Word says, “GLORY IN TRIBULATIONS.” It does not mean that you like what you are in, but you glory because you know God is in there with you, and God is not going to stay there very long. You start praising God in a trouble, in a problem, and God is in there with you. He says, “I’LL NEVER LEAVE YOU. I’LL NEVER FORSAKE YOU.”

If you are having problems and difficulties right now, where do you think God is? He did not run off and leave you. He is right with you. Keep holding on to Him, and when you have held on to Him long enough He will bring you out. But some of you get in problems and God is in there with you, and the next thing you do is start mumbling and grumbling, and God says, “Oh, I have to stay here an extra month now with them. I love them so much I will not leave them.”

Start saying, “I believe God,” and keep on confessing God’s Word, and He will be able to bring you out of that thing.

Pray for those who persecute you. When I came into this thing six years ago, people began to persecute me, and I was not used to being persecuted. You know, in the Baptist ministry, we were taught to walk the fence between five different parties in the church and keep them all happy. All you Methodists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians are all taught the same thing. They teach you how to get in there and work things out and keep everybody compromised. I was not used to being persecuted. People were talking about me and ridiculing me, laughing at me. It was coming from every angle, and it was getting rough. And the Lord spoke to me one day and said, “Son, blessed are you when you are reviled and persecuted for My name’s sake.” And all at once I just threw my arms up and said, “Glory, hallelujah. I must be a blessed man.”

And I am a blessed man. And one reason I am blessed is because people revile and persecute me for the name of Jesus. When they talk about me they are putting blessings on me.

Abraham and Sarah had no power to produce life. Isaac was not a result of their power. And what God wants to do today is to get men and women in situations where they can receive things that are not the result of their power but the result of the power of God, so God can demonstrate His power and we can give Him glory for it.

This is why you are fully persuaded. If you are going to have victory, physically, spiritually, mentally, or financially, it has to be in God’s power. You have to come to the place where you are fully persuaded that God will take care of everything for you. I believe you will.

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