How Can I Be Healed?






I. God Wants To Heal You
II. You Must Want To Be Healed
III. Understand Satan Authors All Sickness
IV. Healing Faith Abides In You
V. Establish A Point Of Contact For Your Healing
VI. Confess Immediately You Are Healed By His Stripes
VII. Act Upon Your Healing Confession
VIII. Confess Your Healing To Others
IX. Maintain Your Faith Confession
X. Remain Healed Through Diligence In The Healing Word


How Can I Be Healed?





One of the greatest needs today is the ministry and the teaching on Divine Healing. Not just so you can get your healing. God wants you to be healed and healthy. But primarily so that you can be a channel or a carrier of that infectious healing power of God to others that do not know the healing power of God.

The way you can really show your love for people is to learn the Word so you can take the Word to other people and help other people get free. Everybody says they want to be like Jesus. Five times in the Gospels, Jesus had compassion and all five of those times Jesus had compassion upon sick people. Do you want to be like Jesus?

When Jesus came to the multitude and He found them sick, He had compassion on them. I’ve found in my ministry in these seven years that I’ve been baptized in the Holy Spirit and teaching divine healing that the more I teach divine healing and the more I begin to have compassion on those who are sick physically and mentally, Jesus gives me more compassion and I begin to see more people’s lives touched and changed.

I want to lead you in a prayer to ask the Father to give you a compassionate heart for those who are sick and afflicted mentally and physically. Because when He gives this to you, it’s going to put you into learning the Word and getting teachings not only for the benefit of your own health and your family’s health, but so you will know how to tell someone else how to have their body healed by the power of God. Many of you would not have been healed if someone had not brought the healing Word to you. Don’t be self-satisfied now because you are healthy and because you can get your healing. This should challenge you to take that healing Word out to others.

Say, “Father, in the Name of Jesus, I ask You to let the compassion of Jesus operate in my life, that I might always have compassion that will send me to the Word, that will cause me to be studious, to learn the healing Word of God. Not only so I can be healed, but so that I can pass it on to the many who are sick in their body and to the many who are sick in their mind in this world today. Father, in the Name of Jesus, I receive now by faith compassion for the sick and the afflicted, and I thank You for it, Father. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.”

I am convinced more and more as God’s people begin to have more compassion for those who are sick and afflicted that ministries are going to begin to grow and I thank God for it. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and you’ll see that over a third of the ministry of Jesus was healing the sick, setting at liberty those who were captive. That’s what He said He’d come to do in Luke 4.

Now, as we talk about the subject of “How Can I Be Healed?”, let’s read Psalms 23:1. It says, “THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD: I SHALL NOT WANT.” When He’s your shepherd you don’t have to want for health. Literally you can say, “I shall not lack. I shall not lack spiritually, physically, mentally or materially.” When the Lord is your shepherd, when He is your physician, when He is your Lord, then you do not have to lack for health.


Here are some directions for those who desire to receive a Divine Healing from God. Now, I’m not giving you directions for a medical healing. That’s for the doctor to do. There are two kinds of healing. There is medical healing for the natural man, and Divine Healing for the spiritual man. When you were born into this natural world, medical healing became something that you could utilize. But now that you’ve had a second birth, you’ve been born of God, and the Spirit of God is in you, God wants you to step up a notch and learn about Divine Healing.


I. God Wants To Heal You


Many people do not realize that it’s God’s will for them to be healed. They think it’s God’s will for them to be sick. They think because they are sick it’s God’s will. They think they’ve done something wrong somewhere or made some mistake and sinned so terribly that God has made them sick. Perhaps they have sinned terribly, but when they sinned God did not make them sick, the devil made them sick because of that.


This is His commission. He has given His authority to use His Name for you and I to be used to see other people healed. Acts 10:38 says, “HOW GOD ANOINTED JESUS OF NAZARETH WITH THE HOLY GHOST AND WITH POWER: WHO WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD, AND HEALING ALL THAT WERE OPPRESSED OF THE DEVIL: FOR GOD WAS WITH HIM.”

God wants to heal you. It is God’s will to heal you. You may believe it, but you need to know it so certainly that you can take it to somebody else.

Many people today are not healed because they do not realize that God wants to heal them. They think that God wants to use the doctors. They don’t realize that God can heal them directly and that He is not the author of sickness.


II. You Must Want To Be Healed


It’s amazing how many people do not want to be healed. They get a pension for their sickness. It’s a good conversation piece. Because every time you ask them how they are doing they are going to tell you how they feel. I’m not saying that they do this on purpose, but subconsciously it’s a beautiful conversation piece and they can get your sympathy. When they are sick and you start asking them how they are doing, their face gets long and they just begin to pour it out to you to get you to sympathize with them. I have run across such cases in teaching seminars around the country. Maybe it was some wife that did not want to do the house work, and her husband was working and taking care of the house and she was just rocking back. Or some man who had some kind of sickness or disease and he was not having to work and was on welfare getting a pension and he doesn’t want to be healed.

I’ve had men come to me and two times God had me to tell them this. One of them was a very young man and I said, “Brother, God wants to heal you but you are drawing a check, aren’t you.”

And he said, “Yes.”

I said, “I want to tell you that, if you are going to get healed, you’ll have to give that check up. So here’s what you do. You go pray about this thing, because if you give that check up you’re going to have to go to work.” And I never saw him again. I told that to one other man.

This is a serious question. You need to really ask yourself why you are not healed yet. It could be that subconsciously you have a good conversation piece. You have something to draw attention to you. Maybe there is no other way that you can get attention. So, therefore, as long as you have this sickness you can always start talking about that and you can draw sympathy.

You must realize first of all that God wants to heal you. Secondly, you must want to be healed. And a real desire finds out God’s conditions. If you want to be healed, then your desire is going to put you in the Word of God to learn the Word of God to find out the conditions.

If you have cancer right now and someone told you that if you’d go to a certain doctor in New York City and you would be healed, it would cost $1,000 for that treatment. You would get that $1,000 some how or another and you would to go New York City if you had to hitch hike. There are people today that really want to be healed who will sell every thing they have to try to get their healing. They’ll travel around the world. They’ll go drink miracle water. They’ll go and take all kinds of foolish, ignorant treatments. These people really want to be healed. When a man or woman really wants to be healed through the spirit, they’ll put that much diligence in the Word of God. And if they do, I guarantee you God will heal them.

You need to face this question. Do you really want to be healed? Now if you’ve been sick for quite a while, and you’ve been hearing the Healing Word then you need to dig into that Word a little deeper. Many people cannot get their healing because down deep in their heart they do not want to be healed.

If you really want your healing and you call the doctor for an appointment and he tells you it will be two weeks before he can get to you, you’ll wait two weeks and be there. But when someone stands and tells you to get into the Word of God and learn the Word of God you just kind of smile. See your action proves if you really want to be healed. If you really want to be healed when you are looking to man then you are going to follow the doctor’s prescriptions and you are going to go where you can get healed. If you really want God to heal you then you will meet the conditions and lay with the Word. Can’t you understand why this is so important and why so many people are not healed?

You must want to be healed and the way you prove that you want to be healed is by your actions, by your diligence in the Word of God.


III. Understand Satan Authors All Sickness


God is not the author of sickness. God does not make you sick. If God made you sick, then you are very foolish to be trying to get rid of something that God has given you. We won’t go against God for anything, because God doesn’t make mistakes.

You must understand that Satan authors all sickness and not God. If God is the one that made you sick, then God always does the right thing, and you ought to ask God to make you a little sicker. You say, “God made me sick. I believe God is doing this to me.” Then you try to get rid of something that God gave you. Your actions disprove your words.

If you say you really want to be healed, yet you don’t get into the Word and learn it, that action disproves that you really have a desire to be healed. If you believe that God made you sick, but yet you are trying to get rid of something that God gave you, that action disproves something that you have said, but it is a good religious, pious thing to say, “God made me sick.” So, therefore, you wallow in that thing.

Job 2:7 says, “SATAN…SMOTE JOB WITH BOILS.” It does not say that God did it. The first thing people say is, “Oh, yeah. But God permitted it.” No, God didn’t permit it. When Adam and Eve sinned, they gave the authority to Satan to do what he wanted to ever since then. That’s where the authority came from. That’s where the devil got the authority. When Adam and Eve sinned they turned the dominion and authority of the world over to the devil and ever since then he has had the right to put it upon you if you’ve been foolish enough to take it. It was foolish enough to take it for many years, but praise God I’m receiving the light now.

Luke 13:16 tells of the woman that was all bent over, for eighteen years and the Bible says, “SATAN HATH BOUND, LO, THESE EIGHTEEN YEARS.” It did not say that God had bound her. Satan bound her and Jesus set her free. Satan smote Job with the boils and God took them off of him. God doesn’t put it on you and then take it off of you. The devil puts it on you and God takes it off of you.

In Acts 10:38 it says that Jesus healed all those that were oppressed of the devil. Now if God is the one that makes you sick, that means that Jesus spent over one third of His ministry fighting the Father. He went around healing all those that God had made sick. Jesus spent over a third of His ministry healing. But it says in many places in the Bible that He only did the will of the Father. So if Jesus only did the will of the Father, and He healed people and He’s the same yesterday, today and forever, then it’s still the will of the Father for you to be healed today and for you to be healthy so you can take it to somebody else.

If you can’t quote those healing scriptures, then you are not to the place where you really want to be healed. Your problem is not too bad yet. Because you have not put in enough time to learn five or six scriptures. So many times I’ll ask people this and they’ll say, “I know that scripture, but I can’t quote it.”

When I got to the place where I really wanted to be healed of my stomach troubles, I quoted that Word backward and forward on healing. If you get to the place where you really, really want to be healed, you’ll go a thousand miles to see some doctor.

I John 3:8 tells us that Jesus came and destroyed the works of the devil. He has broken his hold upon you so that now your body can be free from the power of the devil.

Deuteronomy 28 says the curse of the law is sin, the second death, sickness and poverty. Galatians 3:13 says that you and I have been redeemed from the curse of the law. So if I’ve been redeemed from the second death, that means I have life. What kind of life? Divine life. Am I halfway saved or all the way saved? I’m all the way saved. He says I’ve been redeemed from eternal death, I have Divine life.

The same Word says I’ve been redeemed from sickness. So I have Divine health. That means I don’t have to be halfway healed or partially healed. I can be healthy and stay healthy. The same Word says I’ve been redeemed from poverty. I have Divine prosperity. Do not limit what God wants to do for you and accept just Divine life, but accept off and on health and off and on prosperity. It’s like taking one of the three and leaving the other two alone. I’ve just come to the place where I’m going to take all three of them and I believe you’re going to do the same.

If you realize that Satan is the author of sickness, then sickness gives glory to the devil. Now he put it on most of us when we didn’t know it. It may take you a while to throw off the yoke, but if you’ll stay with the Word of God, God will help you throw off the yoke.


IV. Healing Faith Abides In You


Romans 12:3 says, “ACCORDING AS GOD HAS DEALT TO EVERY MAN THE MEASURE OF FAITH.” You already have it if you are saved. You already have the healing faith in your body. It’s through the Word of God getting down inside of you and mixing with your faith and then you receive the manifestation of the healing that God desires for you to have. You need to know this when you go to other people. If they do not know Jesus, then you need to lead them to Jesus. Now when the gifts are flowing we can lay our hands upon people that don’t know Jesus and they’ll be healed. But I recommend that you lead people to Jesus and then pray for them. Once they receive Jesus Christ as Savior then that healing faith abides in them and then you can lay your hands upon them and Jesus can manifest it.

Your believing is done before the healing takes place. Believing is always done before you get something. Once you get something you can’t believe for it. If the pain is gone from your body you can’t believe for a healing. You’re healed. That’s a fact. Believing always takes place for something you want God to give you before you get it. You always have to believe you receive it before you get it so you can get it. If you don’t believe that you get your healing before you get it you’ll never get it. If you don’t believe that you get your healing before you get it you’ll never get it, unless it’s a miracle. Praise God for miracles, but we are talking about faith. You must believe you’ve got something before you get it. When you believe that you’ve got it before you get it, that is what causes God to move and give you what you believe you got before you get it.

So you have faith. That’s what faith is for, to reach out and get something that you don’t have. Whatever need you have, this is what that God kind of faith is for.


V. Establish A Point of Contact For Your Healing


We find in Mark 5:28 the woman that came to Jesus and said, “IF I MAY TOUCH BUT HIS CLOTHES, I SHALL BE WHOLE.” She established a point of contact herself. She said, “When I touch the hem of His garment, I’m going to be healed.”

You need to establish a point of contact. It should be one of these three:

1. When you pray. Mark 11:24 says, “WHAT THINGS SO EVER YE DESIRE, WHEN YE PRAY, BELIEVE THAT YE RECEIVE THEM, AND YE SHALL HAVE THEM.” So you have to believe you are healed when you pray. You need to establish a point of contact and say, “When I pray.”

2. When the Word is spoken. You may be at a meeting and someone may be ministering and they may say, “Be healed in the Name of Jesus.” If the Lord through a Word of Knowledge calls out some disease or problem that you have, you ought to think to yourself, “Whenever they say, ‘Be healed in the Name of Jesus,’ that’s going to be my point of contact. Right then I’m going to believe I’m healed.”

3. When hands are laid upon you. You ought to say, “Whenever they lay their hands upon me and say, ‘Be healed in the Name of Jesus,’ I will be healed right there.” You know when my son had his last motorcycle wreck, we went over to the police station and picked him up. They wanted us to come down there and pick him up because he wouldn’t take medical treatment and they thought he was crazy and wanted us to come down there and talk him into taking medical treatment. And I told the policeman on the telephone. “No, I agree with him.” So I went down there, and there was Randy, and the man said, “Why isn’t he going to take medical treatment?” I said, “Because of religious beliefs,” and then I said, “No, not because of religious beliefs, but because of Christian beliefs.” Because religion doesn’t believe in that. Religion believes in going to the doctor, but Christianity believes that God will still heal. And we walked out to the car and put him in the back seat of the car and laid hands upon him and prayed and said, “In the Name of Jesus, be healed.” And Randy said, “I’m healed, in Jesus’ Name. Right now.” He received it by faith right then. He believed he was healed before he had any sign or evidence.

See, you have to believe you’ve got it before any sign or any evidence. So what you need to do is establish a point of contact. Whenever you are in a service or anywhere else you need to do this. If you are ministering to someone else you ought to tell them, “Now when I lay hands upon you and say, ‘Be healed in the Name of Jesus,’ I want you to receive your healing in Jesus’ Name.” I’ve spoken this to many people over the telephone.

Your point of contact could be when you pray. It could be when the Word is spoken. It could be when hands are laid upon you.

You know I’ve known people who testified that when Oral Roberts was on radio or on TV that he’d say, “Lay your hands on that radio, that TV.” My mom one time got a healing that way. One of these men was on television and told the people to come and kneel and lay their hands on the television and he’d believe God to heal them. And my mom went there and knelt and laid her hands on that TV. That was her point of contact. He prayed that prayer and God healed her.


VI. Confess Immediately You Are Healed By His Stripes


Whenever hands are laid on you or whenever someone prays for you or whenever someone speaks the Word, you must immediately confess with your mouth, “By the stripes of Jesus I am healed,” or “I’m healed in Jesus’ Name. I say I’m healed. Not by my feelings, not by what I see, but according to the Word of God.”

Romans 10:9 says, “THAT IF THOU SHALT CONFESS WITH THY MOUTH THE LORD JESUS, AND SHALT BELIEVE IN THINE HEART THAT GOD HATH RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD, THOU SHALT BE SAVED.” Well, if you’ll confess with your mouth that you’re healed and believe in your heart that you are healed, you shall be healed. It’s the same identical principle as salvation.

Most people want knowledge or evidence that they are healed before they confess it. They say, “Well, I’ve got to feel it before I can confess it.” That’s not faith. That’s fact. If you’ve got to feel like you’re healed before you confess it, that’s not faith. If you have to know in your mind that you’re healed before you confess it, that’s not faith. You are still in hope. You are still wishing. It’s still mental assent. You have not accepted the Word of God yet that you are healed when you are prayed for. You still believe you are healed only when you feel better. But faith believes that you are healed the minute you are prayed for. Faith says, “I’m healed.” It doesn’t matter how you feel, or what it looks like. And when you maintain that kind of confession, then God goes to work to give you what you say you’ve got. But if you don’t say you’ve got it until you get it then God has nothing to work on to give you what you say you’ve got.

It takes faith to say that you have something before you get it. But faith only operates in the invisible, in the spirit world. It only operates in reference to things that you do not have. Any time you have something, you can’t believe God for it. I can’t believe God for the car that I have. I can believe Him for another car. I can’t believe Him for the suit I have on. I can believe Him for another suit. I have believed God for a head full of hair. I can’t believe Him for it any more, because I’ve already believed it and received it by faith, and I know that God is faithful and not a man that He can lie, so I’m going to get a head full of hair. That may sound strange to you but that’s all right. Everything I’ve believed God for yet people have thought I was crazy. Believing is reaching out there in the future somewhere and getting something you don’t have. When I get my hair I’ll have to believe God to keep my head from getting sore, because there will be so many unbelievers wanting to pull on it to see if it’s not a wig.

You confess immediately that you are healed whenever you are prayed for. You don’t wait to confess you’re healed whenever the pain’s gone. That’s not faith, that’s fact. That’s a testimony then. A confession is something that you have by faith, but once you get it then you testify. So you confess, “Praise God, by the stripes of Jesus I’m healed.” And when it’s there you say, “Praise God, I received my healing by faith when I prayed and I want to testify to you that I got it manifested.”

You need to know this so you can instruct other people and help them. If you start talking to someone about Divine healing and you don’t know how to present it to them or answer their questions, how can you instruct them so that they can receive their healing? The most important thing about people being healed is the instructions you give them. That same thing is true of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I’ve seen times when 50 or 60 people would get baptized in the Spirit at one time. All I had to do was instruct them. Tell them what to do and all they’ll do is follow those instructions asking in faith and they’ll speak in tongues.

I can instruct you on Divine healing and if you’ll believe it and receive it, I guarantee you’ll get your healing when I pray for you. I don’t know when you’ll get the manifestation, it may come right then or may come a day or a week or a month later. But if you’ll believe you’re healed when you’re instructed on the Word of God, I’ll guarantee you God will give it to you. It’s just a matter of your learning how to believe that you’ve got something when you pray and then holding fast and being patient for God to manifest it.


VII. Act Upon Your Healing Confession


If you say you’re healed, then act like you’re healed. If you say that you are healed by faith but yet you don’t act like you are healed, then God does not have a corresponding action to manifest your healing for you. So you have to say it and then you have to act accordingly.

Minister to yourself by doing that which you could not. Once you confess you are healed then you need to act like it. If you have a back problem, you need to start bending. If it’s a serious one, you ought to take your time. But every day you ought to act it out. You may act one time and it may be manifest. If it’s not, every day you start acting out your healing. Get up the first thing in the morning and say, “Jesus, I thank You that I’m healed.” And bend over. “Brother Willis, what if it hurts?” Who’s going to tell the devil? The only way he’ll know you are hurting is if you tell him. You have to act like you’re healed.

Let’s say you have a toothache and if you believe that you are healed by faith, you ought to drink a hot cup of coffee. “Oh, but Brother Willis, if I do that it’s going to kill me.” Who is going to tell the devil it’s hurting your mouth? You don’t have to take a big swallow. It’s none of his business if you take a sip or not. The only way he knows if it still hurts is if you tell him.

You have to minister to yourself. Do that which you could not. God healed my stomach about six years ago. I had enough sense to minister to myself. I told my wife to cook some cabbage and corn bread. I had stomach trouble for five years and couldn’t keep Cokes and crackers on my stomach. I’d drink a glass of milk and in five minutes it would be up. I couldn’t eat anything.

When I told her to fix me that cabbage and corn bread the devil said, “You’ll die.” And I said, “I’m healed. How can I die when I’m healed?” But if I’d have gone by feelings, I wouldn’t have done anything. My wife fixed that cabbage and corn bread and I sliced that corn bread and covered it up with cabbage, and doused it down with vinegar and blessed it in the Name of Jesus. And I ate it. All the time I was eating the devil was saying, “You ignorant thing.” Before that I’d get near cabbage and just get sick. But I ministered to myself. I did that which I could not do.

“How did you feel when you got through, Brother Willis?” If I’d have gone by my mind and my feelings, I’d have said, “I guess it didn’t work.” My stomach started feeling funny but I said, “Praise God. Thank You, Jesus, I’m healed. I was healed when I prayed.” I kept on confessing it and the devil said, “Boy, you’ve had it.” A little bit later my stomach began to feel funny and I just kept on confessing, “Thank You, Jesus, I’m healed.” And I kept it. Every time I go to a cafeteria where they have cabbage, I get it. If you don’t think I’m healed, fix some hot Mexican food and invite me over to your house and I’ll show you. I don’t mind showing you, but do you know who I really like to show? The devil. Oh, I love jalapeño peppers and one of the reasons I like them is because the devil says I can’t have them. Because for years I couldn’t have them, but you act your healing confession by ministering to yourself by doing what you cannot.

I’ve had times when the devil would attack my body and my stomach would get upset and I’d lose a meal. I’d minister to myself. One night I lost a meal about eleven o’clock and I got up and went to the refrigerator and ministered to myself. I got some collard greens and corn bread out. Now if you’d been sick, you’d have had some soup. I love soup when there is nothing wrong. But if I’ve lost a meal, I’m healed. I don’t have to have soup. Most of you have to have something light. “Honey, be sure to fix me some soup tomorrow, because I lost my meal last night.”

I say, “Thank You, Jesus, that I have a perfect stomach and every system in my body functions perfectly.” And I minister to myself. A lot of times when you lost something like that you don’t want anything to eat. But if you’re healed you can eat. And since I say I’m healed, I eat.

If you have a stomach problem begin to meditate upon the scriptures on Divine healed, and have someone lay hands on you and then you go eat just exactly what the devil tells you you can’t eat. But you better know the Word when you go do it. You better believe that you’re healed.

Many people do not get their manifestation because they don’t minister to themselves and act it out. I don’t know how long you’ll have to act it out. I’ve heard testimonies where people would get their stomach healed when they prayed and for three or four months they’d lose their meals three fourths of the time. They just kept on confessing that they were healed, and just ate every meal, even though they didn’t feel like eating. I had one man tell me he lost three or four meals in a row. He said, “Devil, I want you to know you’re going to get sick because I’m going to lose it and you’re going to have to watch me until you get sick.” You have to get bold enough to tell the devil some things. He got his healing. But most of you don’t want to be consistent.

Many times it’s not easy for you to minister to yourself. But if you will, God’s Word is true, and God is not a man that He can lie.


VIII. Confess Your Healing To Others


Now you don’t have to pick unbelievers. What you ought to do if you believe that you are healed and you are walking something out every time you see a believer you ought to walk up to them and say, “I just want to confess to you that by the stripes of Jesus I’m healed.”

Matthew 10:32 says, “WHOSOEVER THEREFORE SHALL CONFESS ME BEFORE MEN, HIM WILL I CONFESS ALSO BEFORE MY FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN.” This is a salvation scripture, but this principle is identical for healing or anything else.

But listen to Matthew 10:33, “BUT WHOSOEVER SHALL DENY ME BEFORE MEN, HIM WILL I ALSO DENY BEFORE MY FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN.” How do you deny Him before men that you’re healed? Keep your mouth shut.

This is where a lot of people miss it. They say, “Just as soon as I know that I’m healed, I’ll confess it.” You are supposed to know when you are prayed for. What do you want to know by? Some feeling? Some sense evidence? If you have to have that to know, it’s not faith, you’re still in the sensual world and you’re not going by faith.

He says if you’ll confess your healing before men He’ll confess it before the Father. But if you don’t confess it before men, Jesus has nothing to confess before the Father.

You need to give Jesus something to confess to the Father. I’m keeping Jesus busy making my confessions to the Father. That’s why God blesses me so much. I’m confessing all the time.

Boldness here brings your manifestations. If you’ll confess that you’ve got something before you get it, that’s what Jesus likes to tell the Father. You have to confess your healing to others.


IX. Maintain Your Faith Confession


Hebrews 10:23 says, “LET US HOLD FAST THE PROFESSION OF OUR FAITH.” How long are you going to confess that you are healed by faith? You confess it until it’s manifested. If you are healthy, you confess every day that you have Divine health. If you confess that you will stay that way. It’s easier to stay healthy than it is to get healed. You stay healthy by confessing the Word every day. I don’t get out of bed before I confess my scriptures. I always get up early to make my confessions.

Hold fast to your confession. If you don’t know these things, how can you instruct other people to get their healing and keep it?


X. Remain Healed Through Diligence In The Healing Word


Many people get healed and lose it. I’ve had people have pain leave their body and before they left the service the pain was back. How do you maintain your healing? By confessing the Word every day.

Romans 10:17 says, “SO THEN FAITH COMETH BY HEARING AND HEARING BY THE WORD OF GOD.” You ought to be confessing every day, “By the stripes of Jesus I’m healed.” You ought to be confessing every day, “God sent His Word and healed me.”

You ought to learn enough of the healing Word so that you’ll start confessing Divine health. How saved are you when you get saved? You can be totally healed and totally prosperous, too.

I didn’t really know this myself for a long time. I’ve been confessing it for a long time, but just in the last few months God has made it real to me. I’ve just made up my mind that according to the Word of God I’m free of sickness. And I’m confessing it boldly before men, too. And you know when I make these bold confessions the devil comes around to check me out.

All right let’s run through this real quickly. First of all, God wants you to be healed. Secondly, you must really want to be healed. If you do prove it. Get into the Word. Thirdly, understand Satan authors sickness and not God. God has nothing to do with it.

Fourthly, healing faith abides in you if you know Jesus Christ. Make sure when you minister to people that you lead them to Jesus. A lot of people want the healing but not the Healer. Praise God for the grace of God. He’ll heal many people that way. But if they get the Healer then they have a guarantee to get the healing.

Establish the point of contact. Believe that you are going to be healed whenever you pray or whenever someone else prays and lays hands on you.

Confess immediately that you are healed. Not by your feelings, not by what you see. You don’t have to have anything but the Word of God to confess you are healed after you have prayed or been prayed for.

Act upon your healing confession. If you really believe you’re healed, act like you’re healed. Bend that leg. Jump up and down. Move that shoulder. Bend that neck. If you really believe you are healed, act it out.

Confess your healing to others. Because Jesus said, “WHOSOEVER SHALL CONFESS ME BEFORE MEN, HIM WILL I CONFESS ALSO BEFORE MY FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN.” If you don’t confess Him before man, He can’t confess you before the Father. Give Jesus something to confess before the Father.

Maintain your faith confession. Don’t confess it for two or three days. Make sure you know the healing scriptures. And keep on confessing them until your healing comes to pass. It may take days or weeks or months, but you maintain that confession of faith.

Remain healed through diligence in the healing Word. A lot of people will come and get healed and lose it. So learn the Word so you can keep yours.

Here is a list of healing scriptures:



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